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ENVELOPING MACHINE/Industrial Technological

With increased axis control, conditions can be limited to today’s demanding industrial temperature and can be adapted to tomorrow’s technologies.

Integrated into Mes and ERP systems. We offer the opportunity to track your production and measure its efficiency.

Product description

Stable machine frame with integrated exhausting channels, connection for dust aspiration on rear side of the machine, enlarged and ventilated plate alignment tables, all machine doors polycarbonate doors,machine mounted,switchboard cabinet
Machine engine driven horizontal transport belt system for two plate infeed conveyor belts. Each with double platedetector. Separate vacuum belt plate pickup and drop system for gentle plate transferring into machine main track.
Three row suction belt with two separate vacuum line. Vacuum volume control for each vacuum line. Lug brushing in double side (up/down) at both plate transport conveyor. Pneumatic brushing unit lifting for easy maintenance.
Pneumatically lifted plate press rollers to stabilize plate during brushing.

Product Features
  • Max. Capacity: 130-135 Envelopes/min.
  • Adaptable to production tracking programs, Smart technology
  • Safety system by light barier or another solutions.
  • Flexible design to suit demand. Open to geometric and additional feature requests
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Quality, economical, user-friendly, technologically advantageous, ergonomic size…

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